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Original Wall Paper
A little residue to clean off...
Some prep-work & color swatches...
Narrowing down a color scheme
Trimming in...
Bathroom Renovation

​​Swapping old wallpaper for new trendy colors  can make a huge difference. Add on some new trim accents!

Finished Basements

​​Take an empty, otherwise unsightly area and turn it into your new favorite space!


This project involves using Birch panels instead of drywall, custom shaped Maple trimwork everywhere, waterproofing concrete and much, much more!

Restoration and Renovation

​​Bursting pipes cause catastrophic damage.


This project involved new plumbing, flooring, wall coverings and much more!


Homeowner Tip: Swapping out your old standard outdoor water spigots for new Frost-Free units can help to prevent pipe bursting.

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